CryptoBoreas is the name we chose for our hosting company. We host bitcoin and other cryptocoin miners.
Please check our Pricing page for price details.
Our mining facility is located in Labrador,Canada. We cannot disclose our exact location for security reasons.
Yes, if you pre-paying for longer term hosting periods (such as 3 month, 6 month, etc) we can give you a discounted rate. Contact us for more info.
Yes, you can rent server grade power supplies from us for a cost of $4 a month per PSU.
Yes, unfortunately you have to pay Canadian import tax regardless of where you're located. The tax rate is 5% of whatever the declared value of the product in Canadian Dollars.
Only Canadian residents pay tax on top of the hosting fee. The tax rate is determined based on the customer's residential address. So if for example you're located in Ontario you'll have to pay 13% HST on top of your hosting fee. Non Canadian residents DO NOT pay taxes on the hosting fee.
Yes of course. If your miner is down for whatever period of time we will adjust your hosting fee to take this downtime into consideration.
Yes and no. If you have a sufficiently large number of miners hosted with us that we can justify giving you your own network subnet we will allow you to place your own network gear and also your own laptop or desktop in our data center which you can log into remotely via teamviewer. Later on if we can find an affordable way to allow every single customer access to their miners via some sort of web interface we will implement that.
We will have two different shipping locations. One will be where the data center is located in Labrador and the other will be an address in Toronto. The Toronto address can be used if it is cheaper to send your miners there rather than Labrador. Beware that there will be a 10 days delay between when your miners arrive in Toronto until we can drive them up to Labrador. So,timing is important. E-mail us and give us a long enough heads up so we can both co-ordinate this to minimize downtime. Also if you are shipping just one or two miners or some other small quantity it may be ideal to just send it directly to the Labrador address. The shipping addresses will be given out on a per customer basis.
Bank Wire, Interac e-mail money transfer & BTC.